Letter to all that came to my page even though they like country:

I have no idea why you come to my page. The name is "Yee Haw: The Official 'I Hate Country' Page". What don't you get about the name? If I don't like something I surely don't go to that page to start something and prove that my music is superior. That's what people are doing. They do this then run away scared, not leaving their E-Mail address. That's like fighting against a person with no way to fight back. They are taking this whole thing way too seriously. This page existing because one day I had enough crap from hicks (mainly at my school), so I made a page. My friends joke about it. The people who go to my page joke about it. I joke about it. You should take it that way. Notice: I am talking about a genre. Not you: Joe Smith or whoever you are. Don't take it personally. I know I am being ignorant and pigheaded but I warn you about it as soon as you come here, do I not? People get so crazy when I disrespect something that they love like it was their parents or something. I know that I am not alone, that counter reassures that. If you don't like it go cry yourself to sleep.



This is a good example of how an intelligent (laugh) country "music" fan would state his/her case:

Mike bassoon@pacbell.net Dukester, What's up, G? You page is very interesting, and amusing reading. I however, can't go by and not defend something I love this much. I appreciate the attempts to divert the idiots who would just ge pissed off and rant and rave about how "you need to change your page and your views". I am not one of those. But there is something that bugged me about your page. Your page tried to divert the "hicks", but did nothing to divert the close-minded, junkie, meth-fried, pot-head losers either (hope you don't mind that I'm as stereotypical as you (on your page) and most people are about country). You see, I'm from California. I love country. I would burn a confederate flag if one was ever used for racial purposes, I hate hunting (animal activist, to a point) and my grandmother died of cancer, so I would never consider chewing tobbacco. And guess what? Down here in sunny, surf-city San Diego, they played country at our prom. I'm not saying your views are wrong (no one's views are ever WRONG, maybe uneducated or naive), nor am I saying you should change your views. I am just saying that instead of promoting hate for something, promote love for something else. What music do you listen to? Write a page about that, since you like it so much. If you don't like it, ignore it. I hate rap, so I ignore it, even if the people at my school blast it. I don't let it bother me. I hope my letter is a little different than most that you've gotten (you really have put yourself in a position to recieve a lot of hatemail). Sincerely, Mike

This is how you state your case, not like this:

This is concerning you(r) very (i)nap(p)ropriate web site that promotes hate crimes against people that enjoy country music and drive trucks. I enjoy most all of the things that you negatively d(e)scribed in your web page. I think that by encour(a)ging people to express there feelings of hate towards other who are diff(e)rent is what is screwing up this world. You claim to come from a place that has a high percentage of "hicks", I come from what was once the smallest city in the U.S.A and a large farming community wich has very few of us "hicks", those of use that do like country are constantly harrassed by others, wich seems so needless. (Y)es(,) there are some jerks that you may classify as "hicks" but too often in your web page you sterotyped everyone that shared those common interests as being the same way. That is just some of the things I wished to bring to your atten(t)ion so that your moral values would appear in you writing. Also I would like to make it clear that I am no wuss and I will stand up to anyone that insults me repea(t)lty about my agricultrial heritage. This can be proven by my school record of 5 suspensions due to beating the s___ out of the punks who think that we are subhuman.

Gee Wiz! I encourage hate crimes!! Go and beat up your local hick now!!!*. back