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I have sat on my ass so long on the new Yee Haw! I am so sorry for the wait. I was just about to finish the new one when I bought a scanner. I want to get some stuff produced and trnasfered to the page (this means sounds and pictures) before I completely finish the page. I promise that it will be done by July 30th!

Yee Haw Now!

Do you hate Country Music? Then join me on my crusade to end the madness and stop the brainwashing. I didn't wake up one day and say "Gee, I want to make a web page that makes fun of a 'music' type." What especially do I hate about country "music" you might ask. I dislike the people who typically listen to country. Now this doesn't mean that I hate you if you do like country, so don't come and hunt me. You can tell how bad a type of music is when the target audience likes to fight over what kind of truck they have (i.e. Ford vs. Chevy). I have been tormented by so many of these yokels in my school, in my fine town and even my neighbors, who like to play it loud. I went to homecoming last year and people were linedancing. I started to laugh in disbelief, it wasn't enough that they all drive trucks and chew tobacco, but they have to linedance at homecoming. It's not because I live in a rural hick town, I live in Kalamazoo, but it's the little rural hick towns around Kalamazoo. That's where the hicks come from. I wonder about my peers when all they do in class is dream about one day owning an off-road vehicle and some nice boots. On hat day some people wear camoflage hunting hats (you know the annoying orange ones!) The bathroom graffiti is not the normal graffiti, but is picture perfect drawings of Ford and Chevy emblems and tins of Kodiac. They sit in class and treat the women like dirt. They wear those stupid shirts with dogs on them that you find at Wal-Mart. They ride in some crappy old truck (complete with Calvin peeing on a truck emblem sticker) while blasting Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw. They have the belt buckles with the entire United States map on them and a diagram of which kind of deer lives where. I could go on forever but you didn't come here to read my complaints, now did you?


It's that time again where we meet one of the special people who make the site all that more worth while. This page is in existance because of dumb people insisting that their music is better than mine. One such person signed my guestbook recently, his name was Lukie6969. Lukie inisist that I suck and he rules. My music or anyone else's for that matter sucks and his rules. He thinks that his musical taste are devine and that he is right beyond our understanding. If you want to hear his thoughts on the matter just click on the photo of him.

My quote of the century comes from someone who signed my guestbook. You might have seen it. This person obviously didn't read the page because people like him who find violence as the only way to solve something they don't like is really a reason I put up this page. It comes from the enlightened man himself:


"You need your ass kicked."

As a special treat you can download a .wav of what Travis probably sounds like! click here!!about 57k! Get it today!

Hick Sez:

What do you hate most about country music?

Hick Sez:

You have not lived until you went to I Hate Country Page. (This is a great page VorteX. All you need are some neato graphics and you have a good page that will soar.)

Visit N.O.A.H.! What's that you ask?? Well, it's the National Organization Against Hicks! A little blunt but a funny idea.

Hick Sez:

I need to talk to that certain someone who I have a very special place in my heart for. This person was too afraid to leave her e-mail address when she left a "lovely" guestbook entry. This person is Ann. Ann if you came back to my page please read this because you mean so much to me.

Hick Sez:

Take a minute to imagine the following:

There you are a intersection, listening to your music waiting for a red light to turn into the much anticpated green light when a old, red, rusty, dented, scratched, Ford truck with the bumper falling off pulls up blasting some country song. Is it Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw Or Alan Jackson? Who knows, they all sound the same. You look over and see the confederate flag licence plate, the mudflaps with the silhouette of a woman, the "Rather Be Hunting" bumper sticker. What do you do?

A:) Look over, glare at the hick and hope that he gets the message.

B:) Turn up your music really loud and hope that he doesn't use that shotgun that is on his gun rack on his truck.

C:) Realize that not all are born with a HUMAN brain.

or D:) Think about the reassuring fact that he may become one of the faceless statistics that die in linedancing accidents.

Answer, none of the above. Follow him him home and is some crazy rage take him and his evil spawn down.

Hick Sez:

Tell me why you hate country music! If you don't share my view of hate for country please don't come and hunt me with you shotgun, or spit on my shoe with your tobacco AND DON'T COME AND RUN ME OVER WITH YOUR TRUCK! Notice what I am talking about here is the stereotypical hick. Not you personally, if you like country. By the way, I do know the joke about if you play country backwards..thank you for all the people who sent me that joke.

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