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An explanation to:
"Yee Haw: The Official I Hate Country' Page™"

Why do I need to explain myself, my motives, and my page to you? Because I put it up for you to say "This is funny." or "This sucks.". Most pages are just advertisements for the person featuring links, pictures, and stories/momentos. I want to use my personal web space to form a crusade. This crusade is the fight against country "music". Now if you like country music then sorry, I don't feel your type of love toward that genre of music. In fact, I can't stand it. I never have, I probably never will. I don't mind you enjoying it unless you force your views on me. Never do that. I hate that. If you like country then I give you a warning: don't be offended by anything in the page. It is made to entertain, not to offend. If you are likely to get all mad over nothing then push that convienient "back" button on your monitor. If I say something about country music fans I am talking about the stereotypical country music fan. I know I am being ignorant and close-minded but that is my right to be ignorant. After all, ignorance is bliss.

History of
"Yee Haw: The Official 'I Hate Country' Page™"

About a year ago, I was just sitting in my Watercolors class which was filled with hicks from my school. The class was a good class but it was a place for all the jerks in school to get an "A". The art teacher would want to turn on the radio but the struggle between the one without brains would hoot and holler about country this and boots that. I got the idea to make the page after Allen and I made a cartoon about similar subjects. The page was very rarely visited and I know why. It sucked. The page wasn't very big and with good reason. I had exactly 35k on my old server. I moved and everything got better. I now have about 30 visitors a day. I put off making Yee Haw™ the best it could be because I had no time. One night in October I set out to make the page to it's full potential. Here it is. ENJOY.